Education in Switzerland

Do you want to study in Switzerland? We have great offer for you. We work with the most reputable colleges in Switzerland.

You can choose from many fields of study, develop your skills and live in country with the best landscapes and people on the world!

BSL Business School Lausanne

The first step in your future career is choosing the right business school. How do you choose? Reputation, success of alumni, and location are all factors that must be taken into account. But the real question that you need to answer is, “How well will the business education prepare me for a successful career?» BSL’s mission is to give students a comprehensive, quality, education to enable them to manage and lead successfully in today’s global business environment. BSL achieves this by inculcating in its students a proactive, strategic and pragmatic approach to business.

Business School Lausanne is a leading innovator in business education. With an entrepreneurial spirit, BSL is committed to practical and pragmatic learning. The contemporary programs developed by BSL including the accelerated 2 year undergraduate Business Administration (BBA) program through to a Masters (MBA) and Doctorate (DBA) level, attracts forward-thinking participants from over 40 countries. In addition, specialized Master’s programs in Finance, International Business and Global Marketing are offered.