Tours Switzerland

Have you ever been to Switzerland? It’s a small but well known country in the heart of Europe. It’s magnificient place to rest at every season. There are so many different things: mountains, lakes, glaciers, vibrant cities and so on.

It is absolutely worth seeing!


With its unique and diverse landscape, the Valais is a land of contrasts: In the mountains majestic four-thousand-meter-high peaks and fascinating glaciers in the valley along the Rhone – along with sprawling vineyards and unspoilt side valleys.



Valais and the sun – a true love relationship with 300 days of sunshine a year in the sun-kissed valley. And just as the sun’s rays bathe the wonderful unspoilt countryside with its mountains, meadows, vineyards and trees in a glorious light, you too can recharge your batteries beneath the matchless steel-blue skies of the Valais.

More than 8,000 kilometers of marked hiking trails lead past bubbling mountain streams, historic irrigation channels and mystical Alpine lakes; spectacular mountain bike trails meander over mountain slopes and through dense forests and soothing thermal baths provide purest relaxation. Even at the peak of summer you can still ski high up in the glacial world above. And the sun makes unique tasting wines along with other amazing natural products such as sweet and tasty fruit and savory spices, as winemakers and Alpine farmers put genuine lifeblood into all they see and do.



If you like the winter, you will love the Valais! The majestic 4000 meter-high peaks shape panoramas here and at the same time provide a unique setting for winter sports. Like the slopes themselves, sporting possibilities are endless and snow is guaranteed. It’s not surprising that the Valais and its multitude of mighty peaks – 45 in all over 4000 meters – shape Switzerland’s highest sports resorts and your guarantee of snow on an overall length of around 2400 kilometers of slopes. But winters can also be enjoyed in a more leisurely manner – with idyllic hikes through snowy forests or a snowshoe trek through the alpine landscape to rest the soul and mind. And whether in a mountain restaurant, après-ski gathering or one of the summit guesthouses, guests delight in delicious regional specialties and excellent wines from the Valais. Take our word for it and come along to enjoy such delights seated on a sun terrace while enjoying stunning views of the snow-capped mountains.