Tours Switzerland

Have you ever been to Switzerland? It’s a small but well known country in the heart of Europe. It’s magnificient place to rest at every season. There are so many different things: mountains, lakes, glaciers, vibrant cities and so on.

It is absolutely worth seeing!

Engadin St. Moritz

The resort Engadin St. Moritz is situated on the southern side of the Swiss Alps, at 1,800 meters above sea level, on the “Roof of Europe”. The incomparable harmony of its lake scenery has made the Engadin known throughout the world as the “festival hall of the Alps”.


General facts

The valley has plenty of sunny days, and it has mineral springs and a very pleasant climate. Piz Bernina is the only four-thousander in the eastern Alps (4,049 m. altitude). Piz Palü, Piz Corvatsch, Corviglia and Diavolezza are among its other well-known peaks and skiing areas.

Engadin St. Moritz has a fascinating cultural heritage – Romansch as its official main language, German spoken in St. Moritz, Italian in the neighboring valleys, French at the Club Med, lots of English for example at the Cresta Run, cricket and polo. Giovanni Segantini and the Giacomettis, Friedrich Nietzsche, Richard Wagner, Hermann Hesse, Thomas Mann, Arturo Toscanini, Richard Strauss, Herbert von Karajan and many other famous personalities from the worlds of the arts and culture have contributed to the myth und nimbus of this valley. ‘Schlittedas’, ‘Chalandamarz’, an own architectural style (the ‘Engadine house’), and the famous Engadine nut tart are also a part of it all.

The region’s 13 towns work well together, complement one another, and jointly support regional offers – for example the extensive network of hiking and cross-country skiing trails, the Engadin cross-country skiing, inline skating and windsurfing marathons, etc. Further attractions complete the offer – horse racing and polo competitions on the Lake of St. Moritz, the Cresta Run and Olympic Bob Run (1928 and 1948), the music festival Snow & Symphony, the Gourmet Festival and OpernFestival, St. Moritz’ Olympic skiing jump and the Ski World Cup and World Championships downhill runs (1934, 1948, 1974, 2003) and famous rail excursions such as Glacier Express and Bernina Express. In summer this is enhanced by yet more leisure opportunities such as mountain biking, hiking, golfing, tennis, sailing, and Switzerland’s only National Park – all reachable within minutes!



Here in the Upper Engadin, you just need to reach out your hand – the sky seems close enough to touch, the lake plateau glitters in the afternoon light, the Swiss stone-pine forests give off a delicate scent of fresh resin, and in the picturesque villages the Engadin houses, with their distinctly decorated façades, stretch up towards the sun as if they cannot get enough of it. Up here, it is so beautiful that it is almost unreal.

So it goes without saying that all you want to do here is get out and enjoy the nature – on foot through wild valleys, on in-line skates along the River Inn, on horseback across the wide open plains, or by mountain bike along adventurous trails. Bikers and hikers also encounter each other on the mountain rail- and cableways. Summer in the Engadin offers outstanding quality for every budget, even in scintillating St. Moritz, which is once again excelling itself as host to top-calibre cultural and sporting events.

Engadin St. Moritz is like music for the eyes. And the pleasure already begins on the journey there on board the Rhaetian Railway, which oozes so much nostalgia and charm that it has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can hardly get enough of gazing at this spectacular landscape, with its magnificent Alpine panorama, its clear blue lakes and its magical light, which in the past has inspired a host of poets and painters. And indeed, still continues to do so.



St. Moritz is the cradle of winter tourism. For winter sports enthusiasts there are 350 kilometres of pistes with a state-of-the-art infrastructure in the surrounding area. A visitor’s card that is a travel pass for mountain transport facilities and buses, a parking disc and a credit card all in one while also entitling its holder to a great many discounts, is the perfect key for visitors to benefit from the countless opportunities on offer in the Upper Engadine. The red trains of the Rhaetian Railway swiftly transport St. Moritz’s visitors to the surrounding attractions: the ski regions of Diavolezza and Lagalb, the National Park in the Lower Engadine, by Bernina Express to the Mediterranean Puschlav and by world-famous Glacier Express to Chur and from there further to the Valais.