Tours Switzerland

Have you ever been to Switzerland? It’s a small but well known country in the heart of Europe. It’s magnificient place to rest at every season. There are so many different things: mountains, lakes, glaciers, vibrant cities and so on.

It is absolutely worth seeing!

Basel Region

Describing Basel in one word is far from simple. Labels such as Cultural Capital of Switzerland or University City can only be seen as an attempt to give the city, with its wealth of cultural, historical, leisure and enjoyment experiences, a single overarching name.



Swimming – in the Rhine!
The Rhine is both a vital waterway and a local place for recreation. The Rhine is not only a major trade artery. As a large body of water, the Rhine makes an important environmental and personal impact, contributing greatly to the high quality of life that Basel can offer its guests and residents. Consider the exceptionally mild climate, especially glorious on sunny days, with which the city is blessed. The Rhine offers valuable space to relax, to indulge in sports or just simply to enjoy life.

Mediterranean Basel
Discovering Basel is a feast for all the senses. Living where they do at the meeting point of three countries, its people have a great deal of savoir-vivre. Good food and drink are as important to them as art and culture. When the museums and shops close their doors, Basel shows its more exuberant side. Young and old plunge headlong into the lively nightlife of the city. There is something for everybody to enjoy.

Hikes and rambles
The undulating green hills of the Jura, the broad plateaux with their magnificent views, and also the Laufental valley to the south of Basel, are delightful walking areas far away from any hustle and bustle. Here you can enjoy the rural idyll on well-signposted paths. On your way you can take a rest in one of the small farming villages that come into view on the horizon.



Christmas in Basel – a Heavenly Gift
With its many glittering shop windows, facades and pine trees, Basel glows in the light of Christmas. Not only the lively Old Town is lit up by the magnificent illuminations, the decorations of shops and the facades of many buildings are also radiant with light. In the heart of the city is the attractive Basel Christmas market with a special atmosphere of its city with more than 100 gaily illuminated stands and wooden booths.

Basel Fasnacht – or when a city goes wild
The famous Basel Fasnacht carnival, which lasts for only three days but for which the city prepares for 362 days with a great deal of passion and creativity, is a truly unforgettable experience.

Basel – The Heart of Europe
Make Basel the starting point for your tour of Europe and Switzerland. In less than an hour you can reach not only Zurich, Lucerne and Berne but also Strasbourg, Colmar and Freiburg im Breisgau. The Black Forest and Alsace are only a short hop from Basel. In little more than an hour you can also reach the main skiing areas. For Basel is at the heart of Europe.