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Milano City

Milan has been interesting and vibrant at least since it was the capital of the western half of the Roman Empire. It was one of the most glorious of the Italian Comuni during the Middle Ages. It housed one of Italy’s most spectacular courts during the Renaissance. And so on. Leonardo da Vinci came from Florence looking for work and ended up staying a long time and achieving quite a lot, like many others have done since. Having always been in the thick of things, Milano is gifted with an impressive part of Italy’s heritage: it is a great city of art.

Have a look at the imposing marble Duomo, at our churches, palaces and museums. You will also be delighted by contemporary art and architecture. Countless works of art are waiting for you, and nearly all of them are within walking distance.

While you visit, let the atmosphere of Italy’s most modern and advanced city seep in. You will be captured by the elegance and style; by the energy and the international flair. An incredible shopping experience for all tastes and pockets, in a place where design and fashion have made their home.

Milan is the hub of Italian culture, music, media and sports. If you are a music lover, you can’t miss La Scala. If you are a sports fan, no other city can probably boast two soccer powerhouses like Inter Milan and AC Milan. With so many things to do and see, take the time to simply enjoy yourself – relax and sip an aperitivo while you consider your options for dinner. Milan provides an overwhelming dining experience, as all Italian regional cuisines are richly represented, along with many others from the rest of the world.

Which brings us to Expo Milano 2015 : “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, which will be the largest worldwide event ever organised on the theme of Food. It will take place in Milan from May 1st to October 31st, 2015 and it will be an amazing, once in a life-time experience for any kind of tourist. Over 140 countries have confirmed their participation, and more than 20 million visitors are expected from all over the world.

Milano is warming up in advance for the great event, which will transform the city in the key international gateway to Italy and all its beauties. From stunning mountain vistas to crystal clear Mediterranean waters, Italy has something for everyone: Milan will be proud to introduce the world to a country where thousands of years of history have shaped a way of life that is renowned worldwide for its attractions, its food and its lifestyle. And if you want to know Italy, Milan is the best possible place to start.