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We can organize your medical treatment in Switzerland. We offer you the best, well known specialist with excellent international reputation.

We are comprehensive, offer you medical checkup, rehabilitation and even remote second opinion.

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Let us organize

Your medical treatment in Swizterland

Are you considering medical treatment in Switzerland? You may have questions such as:

  • Who are the experts in my condition?
  • Which is the most suitable hospital?
  • When can I start the treatment and how long will it take?
  • How will I communicate with the hospital staff?
  • How much will my stay in Switzerland cost?

We can answer these questions for you. Whatever your query, we will be delighted to help you. East-Travel is an independent Swiss company which arranges medical treatment for international patients in Swiss hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. We will seek the best possible medical treatment for you.


of Your medical treatment

Each diagnosis requires uniquely tailored treatment. We will analyze your requirements and seek the best possible medical treatment for you. Our Guest Relations Managers are experienced in bringing together the necessary specialists from different fields and hospitals for the assessment of your particular medical condition.

We provide valuable local support, giving you a competent and trustworthy partner.

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We kindly ask you to fill in our online application form. We require certain minimum details with each registration so that we can identify the best offer from the various clinics and treatment options available.

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