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Geneva Business School

Established upon the request of Swiss international banks and financial institutions, IFGP (in 1995) has been responsible for the professional development of individuals assuming leadership functions in financial and management institutions.

The same institution has created University of Finance (UF) in June 2001 a university specialized in Banking and Insurance education.

Following the bankruptcy of Geneva Business Institute Cie in august 2003 a small private school specialized in Management, With the agreement of the Canton of Geneva (Department of education) University of Finance took over the academic programs of this university, and in the same time the name of university of Finance Cie was updated to Business & Management University (BMU), and University of Finance stay as a program.

BMU at the Geneva campus receives international students and provides Bachelor and Master program students in International business administration and finance.

In partnership with more than 200 international banks, insurance companies, and Swiss institutions, BMU /IFGP group is recognized as one of Switzerland’s leading educational centers of the training of management, finance, banking and insurance professionals.

In 2010, it has been decided by the management board of BMU after extensive research and analysis to gradually replace the name of Business and Management University with the name ‘Geneva Business School’ (GBS). This strategic decision coincides with the development of many of our new programs and our ever-changing and adapting image, in addition to the existence of the first 10 successful years of the Business and Management University in 2011.